LAS Schools' Challenge

Organised by the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, the Lincolnshire Show Schools' Challenge is open to all schools, early year establishments and external clubs, groups and associations in Greater Lincolnshire.

There are ten challenges to choose from and their focus is on inspiring young people to gain a better understanding of Lincolnshire's rich agricultural history, it's horticulture and land-based activities. To be involved in the Schools' Challenge, choose from one of our exciting challenges to join us at the Lincolnshire Show.

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The challenges are designed to link food, farming, the local community, the environment and sustainability to the National Curriculum and we hope you enjoy embedding the challenge projects into your learning. Schools’ Challenge is student led and encourages them to research their ideas and present their findings at The Lincolnshire Show, competing for Schools’ Challenge Champion.

Each challenge has a suggested key for the type of project:

  • Potential to simplify for Early Years and SEN
  • A longer project involving planting/growing
  • A quicker project

All challenges can be extended or simplified, get in touch for support.

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We welcome all to take part from early years, primary, secondary, special schools as well as external clubs, groups, and associations. Why not enter as part of a post SATs project, take a look at our LAS Schools Challenge Leaflet to see how you can work a quicker project into the last term of school.

We have a Launch Event on 31st January 2024, 4pm-7pm where you can find out more and gain valuable tips and advice!

Contact Suzy Stone to book on:

Please find below the essential documents to enter the School’s Challenge. Please make note of the deadlines and use the Your Journey and Key Dates document for a precise overview of the different stages of entry.

LAS Schools Challenge Leaflet
Schools' Challenge 2024 School Journey and Key Dates 2024
Schools' Challenge 2024 Expression of Interest Form Recommended deadline 22nd March 2024
Schools' Challenge 2024 Confirmation of Challenge Entry Form
Recommended deadline 22nd March 2024
Schools Challenge 2024 Ticket Application Form Deadline 3rd May 2024
Schools Challenge 2024 Insurance Document
Deadline 3rd May 2024
Schools Challenge A5 Post SATs Flyer

Media Publicity Permission Form 2024 Deadline 3rd May 2024

Challenge Summary 2024 Deadline 24th May 2024

If you'd like to get involved in the 2024 Schools' Challenge, please contact Suzy Stone in our Education team on or

Tel: 01522 585502

If you are not entering the Schools’ Challenge but would like to visit The Lincolnshire Show as a School Group

Download the Ticket Application Form Schools' Visits 2024 - Deadline 3rd May 2024


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