About the Show

The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society's rich history began in 1869. For over 155 years the Society has dedicated itself to promoting food, farming and the countryside through events such as the Lincolnshire Show. Learn about our journey and how the Showground continues to develop and grow year on year.

Presidents Introduction

Ian Walters, President of the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society for 2024

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It is a great honour for me and my family that I should be elected to serve the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society as its President during 2024 and at this year’s Lincolnshire Show.

I have been a member of the Society for 45 years and served as a Steward of public services and catering for many shows, in an oversized bowler hat. The bowler was brought out of retirement when I served as Chairman during the period that the EPIC Centre was planned and delivered. A challenging time as it was a big call for the Society and its Trustees to make. 

And that is what is impressive about the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society.  Those who have led it over the years have made bold moves to preserve and enhance the presentation of our wonderful Agricultural Show. I salute them.

Now the Society is so much more.  Including, delivering, as it does, education to the youngsters of Lincolnshire on how our food is produced, and how to eat healthily.  The Schools’ Challenge is a highlight of the Show.

Professionally, I am a seventh-generation agricultural valuer, auctioneer, and land agent. The family has always practiced in Lincolnshire.  I am a very proud Yellowbelly, and proud to represent many Lincolnshire families.

I pay tribute to all in the Society office who work so hard throughout the year presenting the Show and keeping the showground busy with many interesting events.

I pay tribute to all who volunteer their services to our Society and Show.  We could not do it without you. You are our heartbeat and our ambassadors.