President's Introduction

President's Introduction

John Lockwood, President of the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society for 2019

What a privilege and a pleasure it is for me to be this year’s President of the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, now celebrating 150 years since it was inaugurated at a meeting at the Corn Exchange in Lincoln on 8th January 1869; and what a pivotal year for farming it is too.

As I write this the threats and opportunities that Brexit may provide lie before us. There is no doubt that The United States, amongst others, sees a tremendous opportunity to swamp our markets with produce at a lower cost than UK farmers can ever match. At the same time the UK livestock sector is under siege from a deluge of alternative diets that in many cases challenge much of what we produce. The only way for farmers to react to this is to not only continue to produce food to the highest possible international standards but to also educate consumers about all the advantages to be derived from UK produced food

Here at the Society we are in an excellent position to help our farmers with both of these things: throughout the year we have an extensive Educational Program reaching out, through schools and colleges, to thousands of children, young adults and their teachers and showing them what our industry is capable of. We have an annual Farming Conference to expose our farmers to new ideas and production methods and, of course, we have the Lincolnshire Show, the finest Show in England and a shop window for livestock, for food, for farming technologies and a myriad of attractions to delight visitors of every age and from every background.

As a local farmer and businessman and a former Chairman of the Agricultural Society I am proud of our industry and proud of our Agricultural Society and I look forward to welcoming you to this year’s Show.