Meet the Sponsor of the Iconic Tractor Parade - Dallas Scott Davey

10 June 2022, News from our friends

Dallas Scott Davey - Sponsors of a Century of Iconic Tractors

As sponsors of the parade celebrating over 100 years of Iconic tractors in Lincolnshire, Dallas Scott Davey Ltd (DSD) are delighted to help bring this event to the Lincolnshire Show.

Farm broking requires professional technical advice and with 45 years combined expertise, Ed Davey and Darren Scott have teamed up to deliver just that. Scott Davey are not just farm brokers, as the business provides broking services to a wide range of commercial risks too. With the help of TL Dallas & Co Ltd, a family broking business of over 100 years, Ed and Darren have launched DSD as a farm specialist and commercial independent insurance broker. Ed has 15 years farm broking experience and is a partner in his family farming business as well as a Director of DSD, before becoming a Director of DSD, Darren started out in 1992 working for a farm broker and has spent the last 12 years as branch director of a large insurance broking company. 

As we view this parade we can’t forget that in the last 100 years, which included a world war, the formation of the EEC, 18 different prime ministers and some pretty dreadful weather, Lincolnshire farmers have relied upon these machines day in day out. Today the technology is far advanced, but the problems agriculture has experienced in the past remain, and are often repeated, just on a different scale. The stakes have never been higher. Lincolnshire’s farmers are yet again, being asked to dig deep, tighten belts, take risks and feed our nation. Some sectors, as we know, are in turmoil, and most are wondering how to deal with bank rolling 2023 on the farm. Market volatility, political regulation, COVID, Agri-inflation and conflict abroad are just a few of the challenges facing UK farming. The weather barely even gets a mention.

It is a consequence that innovation and creativity are going to be required in every field and insurance is no exception. Whether it be Agri-tech start-ups, poultry disease cover, farm diversification or credit insurance, specialist risk management is going to be evermore important across our Lincolnshire farms. Commercial risk has its challenges too, with new issues such as cyber security to deal with and in an ever more regulated business world. Having experienced brokers working for your business has never been more important. 

Based in Lincoln and covering the county and its neighbours, Dallas Scott Davey’s mission is simple - arrange market leading tailored protection, whilst providing value for money and ensuring a first-class service to the farming community and beyond. People deal with people and DSD intend to do just that.

If you need commercial or agricultural insurance call Ed or Darren on 01522 449711. We’d be delighted to hear from you.