Meet the judges

Below are the judges for the 134th Lincolnshire Show to be held on the 20th and 21st June 2018.

For details of how to obtain a schedule for the Livestock and Equine Competitions or how to enter please visit the Competitors tab above and click Livestock or Equine.


Horticultural Competitions

  • Mr C Arnold Co-judge the Flower Show
  • Mr R Beckwith Co-judge the Flower Show
  • Mrs V Best Floral Art


In-Hand Shires

  • Mr P E Moss In-Hand Shires Judge

Heavy Horse Turnouts

  • Mr R Clark Heavy Horse Turnout Judge

Ridden Hunter

  • Mr M Cooper Ridden Hunter (Novice, Weights) – Riding
  • Mr P Crafts Ridden Hunter (Novice, Weights) – Conformation
  • Mr M Cooper Small Hunter - Riding
  • Mrs L Daly Small Hunter – Conformation
  • Mr R M Gilsenan Open & Novice Working Hunter - Riding
  • Mrs J Stephens Open & Novice Working Hunter – Conformation

Ladies Side Saddle

  • Mrs L Daly Ladies Side Saddle (Ride)
  • Mrs J Stephens Ladies Side Saddle (Conformation)

In-Hand Light Horse

  • Mr W Moran In-Hand Light Horse

Ridden Sport Horse & Flat Ridden Sport Horse

  • Mr W Moran Ridden Sport Horse & Flat Ridden Sport Horse Judge

Riding Horses & Hacks

  • Miss L Haines Riding Horses & Hacks - Ride
  • Mr T Wiggett Riding Horses & Hacks - Conformation

In-Hand Irish Draught Youngstock

  • Mrs M Dollard In-Hand Irish Draught Youngstock

Working Show Horses

  • Miss K Sears Working Show Horses - Ride
  • Mrs D E Walton Working Show Horses - Conformation


  • Miss K Sears Ride
  • Mrs D E Walton Conformation

Ridden Irish Draught

  • Mrs L Daly Ridden Irish Draught - Ride
  • Mrs M Dollard Ridden Irish Draught - Conformation

Coloured Horses & Ponies

  • Mr J Hunton Ridden Coloured Horses & Ponies - Ride
  • Mrs J Hoyle Ridden Coloured Horses & Ponies - Conformation
  • Mrs J Hoyle In Hand Coloured Horses & Ponies

Ex Racehorse

  • Mrs D Clapham Ex Racehorses - Ride
  • Mr P Richmond Ex Racehorses - Conformation

Private Driving

  • Ms C Moreau Private Driving

Concours D’Elegance

  • Mrs D Hennchen Concours D’Elegance Judge

Main Ring (Show Jumping & Scurry)

  • Ms V Turner Showjumping Judge
  • Ms C Bishop-Martin Showjumping Judge
  • Ms A Claxon Showjumping Judge

Working Hunter Ponies

  • Miss D Atkinson Working Hunter Ponies (Jumping)
  • The Hon Mrs D Gooch Working Hunter Ponies (Conformation)

Children’s Riding Ponies

  • Mrs P Clifford Children's Riding Ponies - Performance
  • Mrs P Prickett Children's Riding Ponies - Conformation

Show Hunter Ponies

  • Mrs A Leaver Show Hunter Ponies (Performance)
  • Mr A Bowie Show Hunter Ponies (Conformation)

Mountain & Moorland Ponies

  • Mrs G Sells In Hand Ponies and In Hand Championship
  • Mrs J Godden Co-judge M & M Lead Rein & First Ridden (Performance)
  • Mr I Dickinson Co-judge M & M Lead Rein & First Ridden (Conformation)
  • Mrs H Horsefall Co-judge M & M Ridden Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh Section A, B & C (Performance)
  • Mrs P Potter Co-judge M & M Ridden Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh Section A, B & C (Conformation)
  • Miss S Turner Co-judge M & M Ridden Welsh Section D, Connemara, New Forest and Fell, Dales & Highland (Performance)
  • Ms V Eggleston Co-judge M & M Ridden Welsh Section D, Connemara, New Forest and Fell, Dales & Highland (Conformation)
  • Mrs Z Hadingham Co-judge M & M Working Hunter Ponies (Jumping)
  • Mrs J Etheridge Co-judge M & M Working Hunter Ponies (Conformation)

Welsh Ponies In-Hand (Section A, Section B)

  • Mr I J R Lloyd, FRAGS Welsh Ponies In-Hand (Section A, Section B) Judge

Shetland Ponies In-Hand

  • Mr D Gibson Shetland Ponies In-Hand Judge


Show Team Awards

  • Mr I G Read Beef, Dairy, Sheep, Pigs

Beef Cattle

  • Mr G Thompson Lincoln Red
  • Mr D Hullah Lincoln Red YFC Class & Dallas Keith Cup Presentation
  • Mr R Driver British Blue
  • Mr S Eales British Simmental
  • Mr I Turner British Limousin
  • Mr C Horton Beef Shorthorn
  • Mr G Towers Longhorn
  • Mr D Wyllie British Blonde
  • Mr J Coultrip Aberdeen Angus
  • Mr D Wyllie Other Pure Continental Breeds of Beef
  • Mr A Fisher Other Pure Native Breeds of Beef
  • Mr F Robson Inter Breed Beef
  • Mr B E Williams Commercial Beef
  • Mr A Clark Young Beef Handler

Dairy Cattle

  • Mr J Platt Holstein
  • Mr M Gould Exhibitor Bred Holstein
  • Mr B Etteridge Jersey
  • Mr J C Stubbs Exhibitor Bred Jersey
  • Mr R Adams Inter-Breed Dairy
  • Mr J C Stubbs Young Dairy Heifer Handler


  • Mr S Higgins Lincoln Longwool
  • Mr V Samuel Suffolk
  • Mr S Smith Texel
  • Mr S Dunkley British Charollais
  • Mrs A Lambert Southdown
  • Mr J Birkwood Hampshire Down
  • Mr J Blakey Lleyn
  • Mr M Prince Beltex
  • Mrs A Lambert Other Pure Native Breeds
  • Mr S Dunkley Other Pure Continental Breeds
  • Mr D Watkins Inter Breed Sheep
  • Mr J Newborough Cross-bred Sheep, Commercial Rams & Commercial Lambs
  • Mr J Gardiner Lincolnshire Fleece Competition
  • Mr J Gardiner Wool on the Hoof & Lincoln Longwool Yearling Ewe Fleece
  • Mrs E Read Young Sheep Handler Competition


  • Mr P E Churchyard Modern & Traditional Breeds of Pigs
  • Mr B Upchurch BPA Pig of the Year Awards, Inter Breed Pairs, Young Pig Handler


Farriery Judge

  • Mr R Jones DipWCF Farriery Judge