Meet the judges

Below are the judges for the 134th Lincolnshire Show to be held on 20 and 21 June 2018.

Click here for the livestock schedule and details on how to enter, and here for equine information. 


Horticultural Competitions

  • Mr C Arnold Co-judge the Flower Show
  • Mr R Beckwith Co-judge the Flower Show
  • Mrs V Best Floral Art


In-Hand Shires

  • Mr P E Moss In-Hand Shires Judge

Heavy Horse Turnouts

  • Mr R Clark Heavy Horse Turnout Judge

Ridden Hunter

  • Mr M Cooper Ridden Hunter (Novice, Weights) – Riding
  • Mr P Crafts Ridden Hunter (Novice, Weights) – Conformation
  • Mr M Cooper Small Hunter - Riding
  • Mrs L Daly Small Hunter – Conformation
  • Mr R M Gilsenan Open & Novice Working Hunter - Riding
  • Mrs J Stephens Open & Novice Working Hunter – Conformation

Ladies Side Saddle

  • Mrs L Daly Ladies Side Saddle (Ride)
  • Mrs J Stephens Ladies Side Saddle (Conformation)

In-Hand Light Horse

  • Mr W Moran In-Hand Light Horse

Ridden Sport Horse & Flat Ridden Sport Horse

  • Mr W Moran Ridden Sport Horse & Flat Ridden Sport Horse Judge

Riding Horses & Hacks

  • Miss L Haines Riding Horses & Hacks - Ride
  • Mr T Wiggett Riding Horses & Hacks - Conformation

In-Hand Irish Draught Youngstock

  • Mrs M Dollard In-Hand Irish Draught Youngstock

Working Show Horses

  • Miss K Sears Working Show Horses - Ride
  • Mrs D E Walton Working Show Horses - Conformation


  • Miss K Sears Ride
  • Mrs D E Walton Conformation

Ridden Irish Draught

  • Mrs L Daly Ridden Irish Draught - Ride
  • Mrs M Dollard Ridden Irish Draught - Conformation

Coloured Horses & Ponies

  • Mr J Hunton Ridden Coloured Horses & Ponies - Ride
  • Mrs J Hoyle Ridden Coloured Horses & Ponies - Conformation
  • Mrs J Hoyle In Hand Coloured Horses & Ponies

Ex Racehorse

  • Mrs D Clapham Ex Racehorses - Ride
  • Mr P Richmond Ex Racehorses - Conformation

Private Driving

  • Ms C Moreau Private Driving

Concours D’Elegance

  • Mrs D Hennchen Concours D’Elegance Judge

Main Ring (Show Jumping & Scurry)

  • Ms V Turner Showjumping Judge
  • Ms C Bishop-Martin Showjumping Judge
  • Ms A Claxon Showjumping Judge

Working Hunter Ponies

  • Miss D Atkinson Working Hunter Ponies (Jumping)
  • The Hon Mrs D Gooch Working Hunter Ponies (Conformation)

Children’s Riding Ponies

  • Mrs P Clifford Children's Riding Ponies - Performance
  • Mrs P Prickett Children's Riding Ponies - Conformation

Show Hunter Ponies

  • Mrs A Leaver Show Hunter Ponies (Performance)
  • Mr A Bowie Show Hunter Ponies (Conformation)

Mountain & Moorland Ponies

  • Mrs G Sells In Hand Ponies and In Hand Championship
  • Mrs J Godden Co-judge M & M Lead Rein & First Ridden (Performance)
  • Mr I Dickinson Co-judge M & M Lead Rein & First Ridden (Conformation)
  • Mrs H Horsefall Co-judge M & M Ridden Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh Section A, B & C (Performance)
  • Mrs P Potter Co-judge M & M Ridden Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh Section A, B & C (Conformation)
  • Miss S Turner Co-judge M & M Ridden Welsh Section D, Connemara, New Forest and Fell, Dales & Highland (Performance)
  • Ms V Eggleston Co-judge M & M Ridden Welsh Section D, Connemara, New Forest and Fell, Dales & Highland (Conformation)
  • Mrs Z Hadingham Co-judge M & M Working Hunter Ponies (Jumping)
  • Mrs J Etheridge Co-judge M & M Working Hunter Ponies (Conformation)

Welsh Ponies In-Hand (Section A, Section B)

  • Mr I J R Lloyd, FRAGS Welsh Ponies In-Hand (Section A, Section B) Judge

Shetland Ponies In-Hand

  • Mr D Gibson Shetland Ponies In-Hand Judge


Show Team Awards

  • Mr I G Read Beef, Dairy, Sheep, Pigs

Beef Cattle

  • Mr G Thompson Lincoln Red
  • Mr D Hullah Lincoln Red YFC Class & Dallas Keith Cup Presentation
  • Mr R Driver British Blue
  • Mr S Eales British Simmental
  • Mr I Turner British Limousin
  • Mr C Horton Beef Shorthorn
  • Mr G Towers Longhorn
  • Mr D Wyllie British Blonde
  • Mr J Coultrip Aberdeen Angus
  • Mr D Wyllie Other Pure Continental Breeds of Beef
  • Mr A Fisher Other Pure Native Breeds of Beef
  • Mr F Robson Inter Breed Beef
  • Mr B E Williams Commercial Beef
  • Mr A Clark Young Beef Handler

Dairy Cattle

  • Mr J Platt Holstein
  • Mr M Gould Exhibitor Bred Holstein
  • Mr B Etteridge Jersey
  • Mr J C Stubbs Exhibitor Bred Jersey
  • Mr R Adams Inter-Breed Dairy
  • Mr J C Stubbs Young Dairy Heifer Handler


  • Mr S Higgins Lincoln Longwool
  • Mr V Samuel Suffolk
  • Mr S Smith Texel
  • Mr S Dunkley British Charollais
  • Mrs A Lambert Southdown
  • Mr J Birkwood Hampshire Down
  • Mr J Blakey Lleyn
  • Mr M Prince Beltex
  • Mrs A Lambert Other Pure Native Breeds
  • Mr S Dunkley Other Pure Continental Breeds
  • Mr D Watkins Inter Breed Sheep
  • Mr J Newborough Cross-bred Sheep, Commercial Rams & Commercial Lambs
  • Mr J Gardiner Lincolnshire Fleece Competition
  • Mr J Gardiner Wool on the Hoof & Lincoln Longwool Yearling Ewe Fleece
  • Mrs E Read Young Sheep Handler Competition


  • Mr P E Churchyard Modern & Traditional Breeds of Pigs
  • Mr B Upchurch BPA Pig of the Year Awards, Inter Breed Pairs, Young Pig Handler


Farriery Judge

  • Mr R Jones DipWCF Farriery Judge