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    Livestock Prize Schedule

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    1. View the: Judge List
    2. before making your entry read: 00 Important Notes for ALL Livestock Exhibitors
    3. also read: 01 Livestock Regulations & Information
    4. view the: Livestock area of the Showground
    5. Full details of all the classes in: 00 02 Livestock Prize Schedule
    6. agree with: the Health Declaration / Lincolnshire Show Regulations

    For all Cattle Exhibitors, do read: the Tuberculosis in Cattle Declaration

    For all Sheep Exhibitors, do read: the Scrapie in Sheep Declaration

    Provisional Livestock Ring Programme - Wednesday 22 June

    1. Rings for: Beef / Dairy / Sheep / Pigs
    2. Main Ring Grand Parade Time = 15.55hrs

    Provisional Livestock Ring Programme - Thursday 23 June

    1. Rings for: Inter Breed Competitions / Young Handler Competitions
    2. Main Ring Grand Parade Time = 16.00hrs

      Adding Dairy Cow details: Holstein & Jersey classes

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      Closing Date = Thursday 19 May for Dairy cow details

      All other classes are closed

      Contact email for the Livestock & Equine Secretary:

      If you have any queries about TB in Cattle please refer to the Defra website TB Hub, and the TB Advisory Service's website If you are unsure about the TB regulations regarding movements applicable to cattle attending Shows please read this summary document provided by the ASAO.

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      Please Note: No Livestock Competitions in 2020 and 2021

      A little background information  . . . .

      The competition arranged for the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society's first annual Show in 1820 was almost all for stock. These days the Lincolnshire Show is a far more diverse and colourful event, incorporating all aspects of the agricultural industry and a lot more besides! However over the years the livestock exhibitions have remained a cornerstone of the Show and each year hundreds of animals are proudly exhibited.