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The competition arranged for the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society's first annual Show in 1820 was almost all for stock. These days the Lincolnshire Show is a far more diverse and colourful event, incorporating all aspects of the agricultural industry and a lot more besides! However over the years the livestock exhibitions have remained a cornerstone of the Show and each year hundreds of animals of all varieties from British Blonde heifers to Lincoln Longwool ewes are proudly exhibited.

To view a digital copy of the Livestock Prize Schedule, click below:

Livestock Prize Schedule

Livestock Prize Schedule amends: * Page 12 Lincoln Red Judge is Mr G Thompson   * YFC Class S206A & The Dallas Keith Cup S222 Judge is Mr D Hullah

Please Note:  

Livestock entries for the Lincolnshire Show, Wednesday 20th June & Thursday 21st June are closed.

If you have any queries about Livestock entries please contact the Livestock and Equine Secretary on 01522 585511 or email

If you have any queries about TB in Cattle please refer to the Defra website TB Hub. If you are unsure about the TB regulations regarding movements applicable to cattle attending Shows please read this summary document provided by the ASAO.

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