Online Entry facility available for shires,Turnouts and Showjumping classes . . . . .

Our equestrian competitions

From Irish Draught horses to working hunter ponies, the equine events have always played an important role in the Lincolnshire Show. Over the years the showjumping competitions, scurry classes and heavy horse turnouts have proved a popular attraction in the Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank Main Ring.

To view a digital copy of the Equine Prize Schedule, click below:

Equine Prize Schedule

Equine Prize Schedule amends:  * Page14: Ridden Hunter Qualifier e) will not take place

* Page 64: M&M Ridden Pony Classes 147-C151, Conformation judge is Ms V Eggleston

All Exhibitors require an Equine Booking Form and Equine Entry Form. 

(Additional Equine Entry Forms are needed for multiple entries) download by clicking below:

Equine Booking Form

Equine Entry Form

Entries are CLOSED for Light Horse & Pony classes

ONLINE ENTRIES are open for:

Shire Classes, Turnout Classes & Showjumping Classes

.If you wish to receive a hard copy of the Equine Prize Schedule please send an SAE with a Large Letter stamp on it or 2 x 1st Class stamps marked with the word 'HORSE' (so that you are sent the correct schedule) to: Equine Secretary, Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, Lincolnshire Showground, Grange-De-Lings, Lincoln LN2 2NA. The entries CLOSE for Showjumping classes on Monday 28th May, 2018.

If you have any queries about the Equine entries please contact the Livestock and Equine Secretary on 01522 585511 or email

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  • Lincolnshire Shire Horse Association Sponsors of the In Hand Shire Horse Classes
  • Emerald Green Feeds Mountain & Moorland In-Hand Ponies

Route & Directions for Horseboxes

Please note that, for this year, horseboxes and equine traffic travelling from the east or south of the county, whose route is via Lincoln city, will be directed along the B1398 (Burton Road) to the A1500 (Tillbridge Lane) and enter the Showground via Gate 4. Equine traffic travelling from the South, West or Nottinghamshire should turn onto the A57 and follow the signage via Saxilby and Sturton by Stow to Gate 4 on the A1500 (Tillbridge Lane).

There is NO ACCESS to the Show for horseboxes from the A15 and this route should be avoided.

How many entries are there in my class?

A list of cataloged entry numbers for the 2018 Show will be posted here in due course. Please note that these may not be the final number of entries.

What time and where will my class take place?

The provisional Equine Ring timetables for both days of the 134th Lincolnshire Show is available by clicking HERE

The 2018 MAIN RING Timetable will be available here in due course.

Which day are the horses judged?

Most of the horse classes such as the Ridden Hunter and In-Hand Shires are judged on Wednesday. A final ring timetable for each day will be sent in your Exhibitors Pack.

Which day are the ponies judged?

The pony classes, including the Children's Riding Ponies and the Show Hunter Ponies, are usually judged on Thursday. A final ring timetable for each day will be sent in your Exhibitors Pack.

Which day is the Private Driving?

The Private Driving class will be held on on the morning of the Wednesday of Show in the Main Ring.

When will my tickets arrive?

Exhibitor tickets, passes and numbers and the updated rings programme will be posted out to you at the end of May or in early June.

Will I receive a VAT receipt for my entries?

All entries will receive a VAT receipt via email unless you send a prepaid and addresses envelope. Entries are processed on a daily basis so please send your entries in early.

When is the prize money sent out?

The prize money will be issued on the day in the ring in the form of a voucher that can be redeemed at the ICE Bank on site, or up to the end of July via post (please see the terms and conditions on back of the voucher).

How much does it cost to enter a class?

The entry fees for each class can be found in the Livestock and Equine Prize Schedules.