Success at HOYS 2021 for several HOYS Qualifiers from the Lincolnshire Horse & Pony Show - Well done.

Lincolnshire Horse & Pony Show

Results from the June 2021, two day Lincolnshire Horse & Pony Show on the Lincolnshire Showground (held behind closed doors) are below.
Ring Photography by Real Time Imaging: Click here

Results Wednesday

RW 01. Cobs

RW 02. Ridden Coloured Horses & Ponies

RW 03. Hacks

RW.04. Hunters (Weights, Small, Working)

RW 05. Ladies Side Saddle

RW 06. Private Driving & Concours D'Elegance

RW 07.Riding Horses

Results Thursday

RT 01.Children's Riding Ponies

RT 02. Mountain & Moorland (Lead Rein & First Ridden)

RT 03.Mountain & Moorland (Ridden)

RT.04.  Mountain & Moorland (Working Hunter Pony)

RT 05.Show Hunter Ponies & Lead Rein of Hunter Type

RT 06.Working Hunter Ponies


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