The Equine Prize Schedule available soon - Spring 2022

Equine Competitions

The Equine Prize Schedule for the Lincolnshire Show will be available to view in Spring 2022. The list of Equine Judge will be on the website early next year. The online entry facility will be open in Spring.

Equine Prize Schedule  

Available to view in Spring:

  1. Judge List for June 2022 
  2. 00 Equine: IMPORTANT NOTES for ALL Equine Exhibitors
  3. 01 Equine: Regulations & Information (Applicable to the Society's Annual Show)
  4. 01 Equine: Map of the Horsebox Parking Area / Stables / Horse Rings and Showground Entrance Gate 4
  5. 03 Equine: Lincolnshire Show Regulations / Health Declaration

Provisional Equine Ring Programme

  1. 04 Equine Wednesday (Provisional - subject to change)
  2. 04 Equine Thursday (Provisional - subject to change)
  3. 04 Main Ring (Provisional - subject to change)

Making an Online Entry

Facility open in Spring:

  1. Read the Important Notes / Regulations & Information
  2. Read the Notes at the top of the Equine Section
  3. Have all the entry details available
  4. Select the class to make the entry
  5. Make a stable booking, if required

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Please Note 'the Lincolnshire Show 2021' results refer to the Lincolnshire Horse & Pony Show, June 2021

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